Our vision & values


TeleCycle is committed to its vision of delivering high-quality professional services and consultancy to the telecom & IT industry. Our many clients rely on us to deliver our services each and every day with integrity, safety and honesty.

Constantly striving to exceed expectations, we take great pride in providing solutions that enhance and support our clients’ business requirements and objectives.  TeleCycle is equally as committed to leading the way in environmental responsibility; with absolutely none of the material we recover going to landfill.


TeleCycle’s values are the foundation upon which we all growth conduct all business.

  • Integrity – We stand behind our words with our actions. We treat those around us with respect and conduct business with the highest ethical standards.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Our customers are partners in our success.
  • Innovation – We welcome change and embrace the challenges of constantly evolving technology and business environments.
  • Passion – We are passionate about the work we do and the value we provide to others.
  • Quality and Safety – We are committed to meeting our customers’ expectations of quality and on-time delivery while maintaining an unwavering commitment to safety.
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