TeleCycle recognises that many of its clients do not wish for their assets to be resold and our fully integrated recycling service fulfils this requirement.

However, an average 3-5% of assets within an inventory will retain some level of resale potential and for those who do wish to optimize the returns they are able to achieve, we are able to offer a flexible Consignment solution.

Through our proprietary knowledge and extensive network of end-users, OEMs and resellers worldwide, TeleCycle is able accurately identify and re-market equipment to the relevant customer base.

At the end of an agreed sales cycle our clients have the assurance that sufficient time has been allowed for any residual revenues to be generated through resale. In addition to this, TeleCycle is in the unique position of being able to offer all recycling and refinery engagement services in-house – providing our clients with peace of mind that their assets have been managed through a single chain of custody throughout the reverse logistics supply chain.

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