Installation & de-installation

TeleCycle possesses the technical expertise required to both install and de-install wireless network hardware from sites during swaps and upgrades whilst protecting the integrity and operation of the network.

Our highly skilled engineering teams ensuring safe and efficient installation and de-installation of network hardware from even the most geographically challenging sites. We have experience of recovering equipment from remote locations as well as complex network share sites.

Why TeleCycle?..

  • Highly skilled engineering teams ensure the safe and efficient removal of redundant network hardware with full compliance to local health and safety, environmental and WEEE directives.
  • Project managed from start to finish with security clearances and approvals through to site permissions and reporting.
  • Access to specialist equipment, which enables us to carry out work on even the most geographically challenging sites.
  • Equipment recovered or due to be deployed stays within TeleCycle’s secure single-chain of custody at all times.
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