Direct refinery engagement

The sheer volume of WEEE material that TeleCycle recovers and reprocesses each month means that we are able to command exceptional pricing for our clients from the worlds largest refineries.

TeleCycle delivers all of the financial and environmental assurances that come with direct engagement with multiple leading refineries whilst eliminating the complication of doing so.


Our direct refinery engagement simplifies and adds value across four key areas;

1. Contract

TeleCycle offers its services without long-term or fixed rate contract, meaning that our customers are not tied to unfair rates should prices change. This also means that we can be flexible in achieving best rates available in the market on their behalf.  Refineries only work on a fixed rate & volume contract basis.

2. Assay time

TeleCycle provides flexible commercial options to its clients including the upfront and outright purchase of material.  Refineries work on long time scales and it will take an average four months before the process is concluded and payment is made to the supplier.

3. Logistics

TeleCycle is able to provide project managers to oversee recovery as well as providing 4PL in order to streamline the reverse logistics process.  Refineries will expect the material to be delivered to them and will not organize logistics on behalf of their customers.

4. Charges & penalties

TeleCycle understands how refineries operate and works on its clients’ behalf to negate and eliminate potential losses of revenue. By processing the assets we receive down to separate material types we are able to deliver large volumes of accurately and finely processes material to the refineries. This avoids additional hidden charges that can dramatically reduce returns of revenue the supplier can expect to receive, such as minor percentage errors in the proportions of material delivered.


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